restaurant 01 - Thai dishes in exotic surroundings

Thai dishes in exotic surroundings

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A showcase for Thai cuisine in the heart of bustling Paris.
And an invitation to delicacy and theThai art of living.

Moom Mam loves warm decor. From the choice of bronze leaf fixtures on the wall to the oxidized metal tubes reminiscent of traditional Bangkok, Moom Mam plays with moods: elegant by day, hushed, subdued and delicate by night.

Imagined in a contemporary design setting, Moom Mam is a showcase for sophisticated material effects. Parquet and mosaic flooring, white marble, couture boiled wool benches, stained wood...

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At Moom Mam we're immediately won over by the warm, intimate atmosphere (rare in the neighborhood).


A capsule within the Moom Mam restaurant, the patio with its evening candles opens its bay windows in fine weather.

Illuminated by a series of backlit diamond-shaped mirrors, the space and its twenty or so covers allow smokers and vapoteurs to relax. On sunny days, a few places on the outdoor terrace make for an authentic Parisian immersion.

With a Thai team in the kitchen, Moom Mam showcases the country's simplicity and generosity.

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Moom Mam brings out the great classics from its kitchens. The Goong Ob Maprao offers shrimp with green curry and coconut milk, combined with Thai eggplant and lemongrass leaves, all served in a fresh young coconut. Pad Thaï takes you to the beaches of Kho Samui, Phuket or Kho Phi Phi. Close your eyes, this recipe, cooked in a wok with tamarind sauce and bean sprouts, is a real turn-off from the very first bite.

From the great taste of green papaya salad to Kra Thong Tong - crispy tarts filled with shrimp meat, chicken, vegetables and mild spices - or the unmissable spicy beef salad, via Pla Goong - a variation on traditional ceviche - Thai cuisine offers a few refreshments.

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Discover the house's special features, unique in the neighborhood and just for you.

Round-the-clock service serves a menu of musts all day long, as well as Thai cocktails and afterwork tapas every evening. The journey continues...

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